October 4, 2016 Grow Room, It's High Time 0


By:  Francis Curlew




Pot Talk With The Growers, is a three part question and answer with the two Directors’s of Cultivation at Deep Roots Harvest, based in Mesquite Nevada.  All I can tell you is they are growing the finest cannabis in the state of Nevada, and definitely some of the best in the country.  Their exemplary flower can be found in nearly every dispensary in Las Vegas and throughout the state.

I had the opportunity to speak with these gentlemen about many different topics.  They are truly diligent at their craft.  The cannabis they grow for Deep Roots Harvest is a result of many years of hard work.  They have brought their skill set from Colorado, to a small town about an hour and a half north of Las Vegas.

The medical cannabis community should be truly thankful for their efforts and outstanding flower.

Q:  Can you explain the paths that led you guys to Mesquite Nevada and Deep Roots Harvest?

A:  It all began when I started growing medical marijuana for myself in Colorado. It lead me to  start care giving for patients and growing for more than just myself. I joined up with David to grow for one of the largest dispensaries in Colorado. After that I started my own consulting service and was approached by David to join him to grow for a medical marijuana facility in Nevada, which was Deep Roots.

Q:  When you first started and learned to grow cannabis, who were your mentors and how did you first learn to grow?

A:  I never had a mentor when learning to grow cannabis, it was all trial and error. I would research online and talk with local hydroponic stores about different techniques and issues I was having. It was harder this way but I think I got a broad knowledge base because of it and found my own style for growing.

Q:  You gentlemen also are partners in GrowBuddy, an up and coming brand in the cannabis industry, (recently in the Newsweek Cannabis Edition) – Could you please explain the purpose and mission of GrowBuddy and its benefits to the cannabis community?

A:  We have spent the past several years building tools for cannabis cultivators to use to manage and perfect their methods of growing. We want to help cultivators organize and accumulate cultivation knowledge — to make information quickly accessible and useful to both new growers and veterans alike. Through the GrowBuddy Ecosystem, we are creating a large social platform that will allow growers to communicate with each other across the world to share valuable information and tips.

Q:  How does it feel to be a part of Nevada cannabis history?

A:  I love it. We are blazing a new path and there is always something new going on. I like meeting all the people involved in the industry here, they have a good thing going on here.

Q:  I think we can agree that the vote in Nevada, for recreational marijuana in November, is huge and will be a game changer for the state and country – What are your thoughts on recreational cannabis, and how do you feel it will effect Nevada, if the vote is passed?

A:  I am in 100% favor of legalizing adult recreational use here in Nevada. It will become the new Amsterdam, which will create a booming industry here.