Weed Be Better Off™is a brand dedicated to legalizing marijuana and ending its prohibition. We recognize cannabis prohibition is bad, and we support the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes, responsible adult use, and the production of industrial hemp.

Weed Be Better Off™ was established February 2015 to promote this very cause


Weed Be Better Off™ is a brand, and a lifestyle that is making a statement in the apparel industry and cannabis debate.  We want to stimulate a conversation nationwide and beyond.   We are here to spread the message of cannabis advocacy state to state, promoting the legalization of cannabis and creating a brand that is at the forefront of this advocacy.

WBBO™ is an apparel line, but the trademarked slogan has countless applications.  Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Media, and Pop Culture to name a few.

WBBO™ is a lifestyle and will be promoted as such.  It is our slogan and mantra.

In the U.S. A. cannabis will soon be a multi-billion dollar industry.  The public opinion polls have well over 55% of the American people in favor of cannabis legalization.  The percentage for marijuana decriminalization is significantly higher.  The national cannabis legalization discussion has not even reached its zenith in the national spotlight, yet only 4 states are fully legal both medically and recreationally.  Many more states will follow in 2018.  WBBO™ longs for the day when cannabis will be legal nationally, and no single person will be arrested for the use of this plant.

The “War on Drugs” was an abject failure and the American public knows this.  Cannabis needs to be rescheduled from Schedule 1, to Schedule 2 by the federal government.  It must be recognized for its medicinal uses, and not in the same category as heroin and cocaine.

Cannabis saves countless lives daily.  WBBO™ believes in, “Getting the medicine to those that need it NOW, then to those that want it.”

We are not by any means asking those that do not partake to start.  For those that do, both medically and recreationally, we are a lifestyle.  We know the countless benefits cannabis brings to the table.  For those that do not use cannabis, there are still a high percentage of people within this group that believe cannabis should be legalized.  They just decide it is not for them.

It is a common sense discussion.  The jobs created by this booming industry, along with stimulating local and state economic infrastructure.  Colorado and Nevada are prime examples.


Why Prohibition is Wrong

1. It does not work.
2. It is a waste of money.
3. It is based on lies.
4. It turns good people into criminals.
5. It damages relationships between citizens and their police.
6. It breaks up families.