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By:  Edward Stuart

Support for marijuana decriminalization only increases according to an Exclusive Global News Ipsos poll.  The poll percentages are an indication of current trends that marijuana legalization is an everyday topic.  It is finally a talking point for all generations.  It is certainly a deal breaker for the politicians who wish to fight for continued marijuana prohibition.

The latest Ipsos poll unveiled that 65% of Canadians are in favor of decriminalizing marijuana.  Those in favor believed that possession of small amounts of cannabis should not warrant a fine or penalty.  The money saved by Canada decriminalizing marijuana would  immediately save the country and its citizens millions in tax dollars, refocus wasted police hours that still focuses on this issue.  Not to mention the millions wasted in the court system and useless imprisonment.

The tide is turning slowly but surely.  Not soon enough for those that require marijuana for medical relief.  Canada is more progressive on the issue of legal cannabis.  The U.S. is a bit behind on this issue when compared to Canada.  Those in favor of marijuana legalization, hope the future 2016 elections both at the state level, and national level, (POTUS) will bring more marijuana reform.

Canadian Majority Favor Marijuana Decriminalization

Canadian Majority Favor Marijuana Decriminalization

It’s not an overly contentious issue and what I mean by contentious is, you’ve got certain people who really agree with it and groups who really oppose it,” Sean Simpson, vice president of Ipsos, said in an interview Wednesday.

“Doesn’t matter where you live in the country, a majority of every demographic group supports decriminalization.

The 65% that were in support of decriminalization (29 per cent strongly/36 per cent somewhat) is just an average. Demographics and factors, such as age and gender are reflected in this most recent Ipsos poll.   Men favored decriminalization more than women, at 72% to 59% respectively.  Both are still very high percentages in favor.

British Columbia boasted the highest percentage of regions in favor of marijuana decriminalization at 74%.  Atlantic Canada followed with a 71% approval rate.  Alberta at 67%, Ontario 65%, Saskatchewan and Manitoba at 63% and Quebec at 60%.  All in favor say I.

Even the demographic of 55 years of age and over was in support of marijuana decriminalization at 63%.  The times they are a changing.

In 2014 there were over 24,000 charged with possession of marijuana in Canada.  Those numbers pale in comparison to the number of people arrested in the United States for similar offenses.

Legalize, Tax, Regulate.

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