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Legal Cannabis States Create Immediate Relief.

By: Francis Curlew

Here are five factors, or more, why moving to a cannabis friendly state creates immediate relief.  Both physically and mentally.


Patients That Need Cannabis For Medical Reasons Have Immediate Access To The Plant

I cannot express the benefits to those that need to treat chronic symptoms with cannabis.  In states like Colorado, California, Washington, Oregon, and Nevada, (notice they are all out west) the process to receive your medical cannabis card is simpler than those states caught up in, “symptoms lists.”  The access to dispensaries with every form of medication available.  From oils, to edibles.  Elixirs to topical balms.  The cannabis consumer in these states is exposed to all the necessary information and data that can lead to an informed decision on proper cannabis treatment.  Even more importantly, there are people who want to help, and feel it is their obligation to help those that are sick, feel better.

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Patients that need medical cannabis can treat symptoms immediately.


I have been a cannabis user for 32 years.  Relying on the, “Black Market” for my weed needs for those many years, creates undo stress that was created by a society that stigmatized cannabis users.  Whether it was for medical relief, or recreational purposes, the stigma or stereotype of the cannabis user has been relentless.  Those that think cannabis is wrong, in the states that are legal are being drowned out by the sound of jobs, and tax dollars entering their community. You certainly can’t hear them in these states any longer.  Especially in Colorado, where tax breaks, due to the money generated by cannabis are the norm.  Back to freedom.

When I lived back on the east coast, every once in a while you had to travel with weed.  Especially when you relied on the, Black Market.”  And if you are like I am, you had a bunch of friends that wanted a piece of the, “source” that you have worked with for over 10 years.  They were happy to pay for weed.  They just didn’t want the risk.  That is all gone if you move to a legal cannabis state!  They can go purchase it for themselves.  Isn’t that what America is about.  Freedom. Even if you are more frugal, and prefer not to buy your cannabis, you surely have an option to grow your own in legal states.  With no recourse.  Once again, freedom.

The Finest Quality 

In my travels to Colorado, California, and Nevada, (where I currently reside) I have never seen poor quality marijuana offered to the consumer.  Never.  For those that disagree and like to get on social media to complain about quality and high prices.  Then grow it yourself!  You are free to do so.  In my 49 years on this planet, I have seen the quality of cannabis rise to exemplary levels.  If you are going to complain about the quality and price at your local dispensary than I really cannot help you.  You will not get a participation trophy from me.  If you have a medical cannabis card in Colorado, you are privy to prices that are $90 to $150 an ounce.  Those are 1984 prices where I came from!  Not to mention the 20% or more rise in THC levels.  In better terms, “quit your bitching.”

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Legal Cannabis States Create Immediate Relief

Now You Know What You Are Getting 

A pure cannabis fan like myself, always has a favorite strain or 10 that he likes to rely on.  For the medical cannabis consumer it is much the same.  They know what works and are educated on the strains that create immediate relief of their symptoms.  In all states that provide legal cannabis.  Testing is a must!  Testing for impurities, mold, pesticides and other unwanted materials insures the cannabis consumer they are getting what the label says.  You are also informed of strain, THC levels, CBD levels.  This is unprecedented!  I just have one question.  How many of your dealers have done that for you.  I believe I know the answer.  None!

I have been told many times by a dealer what the strain is.  But how do you really know in the, “Black Market.”  How do you know from where it came, or what was used to grow the plant.  In legal cannabis states you are getting the best of the best.  In legal medical cannabis states that have no infrastructure or governing body, you receive a very poor effort.  Also you might want to vote.

Elimination Of, “Black Market” Marijuana

I know this is a touchy subject for some, and trust me, I spent many a year in the, Black Market” myself.  Legal cannabis drove down, “Black Market” cannabis prices significantly in the past few years.  If your prices have not gone down, that is your dealer holding on for dear life.  Consumers can purchase legally,  high quality cannabis products that have been tested, labeled, and certified by the state.  In 99% of the dispensaries I have frequented, their price per ounce was far less than any price I payed in the, “Black Market.”  I was in Colorado the first day recreational marijuana was legal.  I agree, an ounce was quite expensive that day.  In the high $400 dollar range.  One year later that same ounce was in the $200 to low $300 dollar range.

A significant decrease in the price would lead to to believe that cannabis revenue would decrease as well.  To the contrary, Colorado marijuana sales revenue has gone over the 2 billion dollar mark in just over 2 years!  In August of 2015 Colorado surpassed the $100 million dollar mark.  That is 1 month people.

The legal cannabis market has hit the $5.4 billion dollar mark in 2015.  That is with very few states in the mix so to speak.  So until your state makes significant strides in legalizing, and declassifying marijuana, you may want to pack your bags and do some window shopping out west.  It can be a life changer for some, and a lifesaver for others.

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