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Guide To Marijuana Medication, LEAFLY

Weed Be Better Off.  Guide To Marijuana Medication, LEAFLY

By:  Edward Stuart

Source:  LEAFLY

I have run into countless people exploring the possibility of using marijuana to treat symptoms and conditions.  Most of these people are uneducated on marijuana and its benefits.  Others are still worried about the stigma and stereotype associated with the cannabis plant.  I have run into many that want to try cannabis, because it seems to them the prescription pharmaceuticals they are taking may not work, or the benefits are outweighed by the side effects of the drug.   Heck, some people just want to get some sleep or relax.  Nothing better than Marijuana!

With medical marijuana legal in almost half the United States, the establishment has recognized medical marijuana and its benefits.  Although the Federal Government still has marijuana listed as a Schedule 1 Drug with no medicinal value, millions are educating themselves on cannabis and its benefits.

I allow myself to explain the benefits of marijuana, the types of marijuana, (indica, sativa, hybrid) the strains of marijuana, CBD, THC, and other facts on the plant that may help in their education.  By the time this is explained to a new or novice marijuana user the facts can get a bit confusing.  Even to those who understand cannabis it is always great to constantly educate.

At Weed Be Better Off, we give credit where credit is due.  When someone needs further education on marijuana, of the many sources I tell them, LEAFLY  is usually on the top of the list.   Please use this guide to educate yourself or others.



Help educate those who are in need of their medicine.