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By:  Francis Curlew

February 8, 2018

Virginia Is For Pot Lovers

Virginia Is For Pot Lovers.  Landslide Victory For Virginia Cannabis


Months after Virginia replaces its governor, the Joint Commission Health Care Bill was passed unanimously.  This bill will allow doctors to recommend medical cannabis oil as a treatment to patients who qualify.  Virginia delegate Benjamin L. Cline was instrumental in the passing of this bill.

Virginia Cannabis has a nice ring to it.  Let’s make it legal!

This might seem like a small step for Virginia.  It was a conversation that was not even a possibility, when the prior administration, under Governor Terry McAuliffe was in office.  Virginia was able to vote in change.  A change that swings the Virginia cannabis discussion to a positive tone for the Phillip Morris state.

The Philip Morris Headquarters in Richmond Virginia.

The literature on medical cannabis is going to be evolving rapidly now, and because of this, it is not a decision that should be in the hands of the legislature. Instead, it should be with physicians,” said Senator Siobhan Dunnavant.

As a cannabis advocate, it is nice to see these votes for cannabis changing, as rapidly a the landscape of legal cannabis changes.  I have a few questions Virginia?  First question.  “Does this mean that doctors at a military VA hospital will be allowed to suggest cannabis, as a treatment for the symptoms of their patients?”  Unfortunately I believe I already know the answer.  A resounding NO, from the federal government.

I have seen first hand, how treating our military veterans with cannabis and CBD can greatly change their lives.  I am originally from Virginia.  With cannabis becoming legal in Colorado, and also in other western states, such as Nevada, Oregon, and Washington, I dove at the chance for the opportunity.  And to be a part of cannabis history.


While working and running a dispensary out West, I assisted hundreds of veterans, (if not thousands).  Everything from PTSD, depression, Agent Orange scars, insomnia, anxiety, constipation, etc.  The list goes on and on.  My point is that cannabis treats all sorts of symptoms, not just the symptoms decided by a bunch of government leaders.  I will however salute Virginia. I honestly believed that they would be one of the last states that would posture to legalize.

The tax dollars speak for themselves.  Colorado has paid over $500,000,000 in taxes to the state.  I sure hope the Virginia Cannabis Delegation takes the time to visit Colorado and Nevada.  These templates that the legal cannabis states have set up and followed, should be the template that future lawmakers follow when looking to achieve legalization for their respective states.

California has a lot of work to accomplish, to even equate to legal states, like Nevada and Colorado.  Get your infrastructure figured out!  It is inexcusable that you can’t get your act together.  I have worked in the cannabis industry in both states. Compared to Nevada, California is a bit slower on the draw.  It will succeed and flourish.  California could use the tax dollars!

Nevada and California both legalized cannabis on the same date.  The Silver State however, had medical cannabis up and running within months of that vote.  The state of Nevada went recreational July 1st of 2017, while California went recreational January 1st of 2018. California is its own entity.  We all know this.  It is shrouded in a cannabis cloud of ambiguity.

I know that seems like a small amount of time.  In the cannabis industry, it is a significant amount of time and money.