October 15, 2016 Grow Room, It's High Time 0


By:  Francis Curlew

Tim Delight & Dave Standard

Directors of Cultivation – Deep Roots Harvest

Owners – GrowBuddy

Pot Talk With The Growers Part 2 will dig a bit deeper with the Directors of Cultivation at Deep Roots Harvest.  We cover a number of topics that are cannabis related, political, and varied in topics.  I hope you enjoy.  Deep Roots Harvest.  Nevada’s Cannabis Company.

Q:  Can you explain the benefits and difficulties of growing marijuana in a large scale?

A:  It is definitely different then growing in a couple light set up. You have to be able to plan and organize your garden if you are going to be successful. The nice thing about getting to grow on this scale is the high tech set up you get to grow with.

Q:  How do you initiate each new crop, or grow?  Do you use seeds, or do you use clones?

A:  We usually start from clone each run. Occasionally we will start a batch of seeds and go pheno hunting to bring new genetics.

Q:  Where do you get these clones?  And how long does it take from clone to harvest at your facility?

A:  We have a room dedicated to our “mother” plants. From the mother plants we are able to take a clone which is a genetic copy of the mother plant.  We will then root the cutting and it will grow into a full plant. The entire lifespan of one of our plants is around 110 days. That’s from when the clone is taken to the time it is harvested.

Q:  How long does it take for the Mother plants take to regenerate after clones are cut from them.

A:  Our Mother plants are ready to have clones taken again in about 2 weeks. We take really good care of our mothers are they get special treatment after clones are taken. We also grow them under LEC lights and that seems to help them bounce back sooner.

Q:  How many clones can you get from a Mother plant?

A:  The amount of clones we get off a Mother depends on the size of the plant. We let our Mothers top out at about 4 to 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide. One that big will supply us with up to 100 clones every 2 weeks.

Q:  What strains seem to be the best for medicinal use?  What is a patient looking for?

A:  A strain that is high in both THC and CBD are best for medical use. What a patient is look for depends on what they are suffering from. Everything in plant works together. You need the THC, CBD, and the terpenes to get the best medical benefit. The best thing for a patient to do is to try several different types of cannabis and keep a journal of how it made them feel and what level of THC, CBD, and Terpenes it had. That way they can start to learn what total chemical profile helps them the best.

Q:  What type of soil are you using?  And why?

A:  We grow in Coco. Coco is the outer shell of coconuts. In my opinion it’s the best blend of soil and hydro. I get the flexibility and forgiveness of soil with the growth rate and yield of hydro.

Q:  What are your favorite strains of cannabis are to grow?  

A:  Currently I love growing Little Sebastian. It’s the love child of Casper OG x Fruity Pebbles. It’s super hearty and produces rock hard frosty nugs with purple veining on the inside. I use to grow Hawaiian Snow and miss that plant. It’s a cross between Hawaiian x Laos and was a great sativa high.

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