Hello Happy Weed Be Better Off Followers,

It’s been awhile, but I’m back. I had my first talking travel in over a year, by hitting a 3 Day collaboration event that ComfyTree and Canna Conference co-hosted at The Cuban Club in Ybor City right before thanksgiving.

This was the 1st ComfyTree event in over a year and consisted of 3 complete days of the latest and greatest canna information available. The first day was a Medical Symposium that had several Florida Doctors and Angela Arellano giving keynote speeches on medical cannabis in the Sunshine State. Dr Juan Sanchez-Ramos presented and discussed the fact that much of the opiate addiction could be avoided through doctors prescribing medical cannabis for pain management rather than potential harmful alternatives like Percocet and Oxycodone.

David Degraff – Cultivation Expert

The second day was the standard ComfyTree Cannabis Academy with the brand relaunch taking center stage. A whole new vibe was presented in a team of multicultural members who are all striving to rise to the top of their industry. Each hungry for legalization and education throughout the United States.

Day three was dedicated to the art of growing and hosted by none other than ComfyTree’s own cultivation expert, David Degraff. Like always, David delivered a kick ass presentation that really showed ComfyTree students how to get the most out of their harvest while avoiding things like mites and nitrogen deficiencies.

I was already in Florida visiting family and had a family member drive me from the Sarasota Coast to Tampa. The owner of ComfyTree rented us an airbnb in the heart of Ybor City. After placing my bags in the airbnb, my cousin and I headed over to little place called Niko’s which was about two blocks away.

On the way there, I got a phone call from the head of ComfyTree saying I would need to do a news interview for ABC News with reporter . This was my first time in front of the camera in over a year so I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t nervous but needless to say I got through the interview just fine according to our event planner. The rest of the first night was spent answering phone calls and working on Facebook engagement. Florida was the first city that ComfyTree has used TV commercials to attract viewers to the event and I was amazed amount of phone calls from canna hopefuls it brought.


I had been working remotely with most of the ComfyTree team for months now so it was great to finally meet them all in person. It’s crazy the way you can bond with people you’ve never met and click with them almost instantaneously in person. As we performed the event, it was easy to see that this team is going to rock the cannabis world.

Our volunteers were invaluable and some of the most genuine, good hearted people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. One of the most memorable and one of these volunteers was named “Flava”. Her personality shined as she told me of her life’s passion which includes, helping troubled youth find their way through financial education.

“As a celebrity reporter I have a opportunity to connect stars to help influence youth in a positive way. I feel it is my calling to help win the war on poverty, empower & motivate our youth so they can achieve their dreams. We can help reduce juvenial Money Motivated crime, violence and increase Public Safety through economics and financial empowerment.

Advocating for felons, inmates and prison rights has been challenging, as a ReEntry- Employment- director & motivation speaker I have educated thousands on how to survive ‘FELON DISCRIMINATION’ & earn a honest living regardless if you can’t get past a job application.

I got with ComfyTree because it is time for people to stop complaining and start taking advantage of the opportunities that exist to earn honest money and become financially secure. This is a groundbreaking opportunity for ALL, young or whatever your current status, you can’t get into the pharmaceutical business you can’t get into a lot of media industries, ComfyTree reveals the open-ended opportunities for people to take advantage of whether you’re young or old.”

Another volunteer named Chris Morman, is in progress of becoming a medical patient and Part owner of a Hemp Farm and Medical cannabis E-Business with his business Partner Jarvis Giles And Neice Sydnee.

His other business partner Joe Morman has hopes of owning and franchising“ Bud and Breakfast locations”in the future with the Help Of Chris Morman, Jarvis Giles, & Mike Green. He thinks that Florida will be a hub for lucrative and comfy vacations for Marijuana Friendly Patients.

After my adventure into Tampa’s Tree scene, I had another two weeks of the Florida sunshine with family and friends. During that time, I was able to meet up with Weed Be Better Off promoter Brandon Chewning on a beach in Sarasota one night after attending a Christmas Parade in Venice Beach. I could feel the warmth in this person’s soul as soon as he walked up to greet me. He told me of these almost underground Canna parties that were happening in our State’s Capitol and how Dab Bars were becoming all the rage in night clubs across the city.

He also filled me in on the Sarasota Drum Circle and the benefits of CBD. As we became more acquainted, Brandon said, “The main medications that I’m helping my patients replace with cannabis in CBD based products is hypertension drugs phenobarbital for seizures Gabapentin for nerve disorder any kind of opiate any high blood pressure medicine if you catch diabetes soon enough we can cure it with cannabis a ton of steroids and cancer medications they can all be covered with one capsule with cannabis CBD and coconut oil.”

Weed Be Better Off Florida Tee

As far as legalization in Florida goes, I would say that Florida has a long way to go. After having a phone interview with Bill Monroe, I got an inside scoop as to what exactly Florida’s medical program is looking like.

There were also 60,000 applications in 2014 that took in over $ 1.5 million in nonrefundable application fee when the first program was announced. Too much upset, these applications weren’t scored, they were ranked by Christian Bax, J.D., MBA, who is the director of the Office of Compassionate Use.

As a result, there have been several pending lawsuits against the state which Bill believes will lead to 11 cultivators after spring session. Next 2 to 3 licenses awarded will be most likely from prior cases. It isn’t clear who will get these licenses but sources say that it should be in favor of 3 Boys Nursery and Rushen Farms.

Bill says most grower licenses have been funded by groups from CO, CA, and IL . It has also been reported that Chinese and Jewish groups are getting in on Florida’s cannabis programs as they play the silent investors behind the organizations.

Florida’s market is projected to be a $1.8 billion market by 2020. Bill predicts that it will be slow the 1st year and then increase as patient count goes up and Florida’s start seeing the benefit of this “large and green economic machine”.

Despite all the sticky politics of this, one pretty cool feature of Florida’s medical program, is that they are giving “snowbirds” access to medication. From what I understood from my conversation with Bill, is that if you live in FL for at least six months out of the year you are considered a temporary resident and are able to get access to medical card. This means all the northerners who flock to FL during the winter months, can get access to medication as long as they go through the full patient process.

According to Bill, there has been a lack of coverage of this in Florida’s local media. With 6 million people voting for medical legalization in the state, you think the news would be covering all sides of this history making event.

This is just another confirmation as to why independent journalism remains crucial for us now more than ever. This is what we thrive to have at Weed Be Better Off . Independent journalists throughout the country keeping their fellow marijuana smokers and supporters up to date on what’s going on. Giving them the platform they need to make their voice be heard loud and clear.

Overall, I enjoyed my trip to Florida but was very happy to get home and continue my work on Ohio soil. I’m not sure the battle that Florida has yet to come, but I’m excited to see how they progress.

When I asked Industry Expert and CEO Florida MMJIQ, KC Stark where he thought the industry would be going in the next few years he stated “In the last 6 years, I’ve been blessed to visit with over 4,762 patients. What we have seen borders on ‘miraculous.’ From epilepsy to autism. From PTSD to cancer – cannabis is nature’s gift and should be treated as such – neither feared nor demonized. The time is now. Florida suffers from big pharma solutions that have turned out nation into a nation of afflictions and addictions.”

“The years ahead will face battle between those embracing democracy over dogma. Battle between truth and the lies of big pharma politics.”

I couldn’t agree with him more… Until next time. Stay Pushing,
Tia Marie Trees