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Vote Green This November

By: Edward Stuart

Vote Green This November.  An unprecedented 9 states will be voting for either the recreational use of marijuana, or medicinal use this November.  The Pro Cannabis voter has a tremendous opportunity to be an active part of the change they have so desired.  The political process stares us right in the face, and there is a game changing possibility that can take place. It can forever change the cannabis landscape for the present and the future.  And it all depends on you.  Vote Green this November!

Of the 9 states that will vote on marijuana legalization this November, 5 states will be seeking the, “Golden Ticket.”  That ticket, is the opportunity to vote on legalizing recreational marijuana .  With the Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C. legal markets bringing in close to $5.5 billion dollars in 2015, it is easy to see why even some members in Congress can take their, “blinders ” off.

There is no current market that can generate these forms of revenue and tax dollars.  This election gives the cannabis supporter to not only the ability to vote for the legalization of cannabis in their state, it also gives them the ability to vote for pro cannabis candidates that can turn the tide in Congress.  It is time to throw out the old and dated, and bring in the new.

A Look at the 5 States that will Vote For Recreational Marijuana


Question 2, an initiative for the recreational use and sale of cannabis can make the,”Silver State” green come November.  Nevada already has legalized medicinal cannabis, and has seen a steady increase in cultivators, dispensaries, not to mention tax dollars generated for the state.  There are currently about 45 dispensaries in the Nevada, and that number is increasing weekly.  Not at Colorado’s rate, when they legalized the pot for the first time, but the potential for Nevada is endless. Let us not forget, 42 million people visited Las Vegas in 2015.   Statista Report

If Question 2, as the ballot measure is , is approved, recreational cannabis in Nevada would be subject to a 15% wholesale tax.


California will surely be the, “Legalization Barometer” due to its size, and already flourishing cannabis industry.  This is a big one folks.  If California gets the, “ok” to go recreational this November, the revenue generated by this highly populated state could greatly assist California as a whole.  If a state needs a break on cannabis regulation and laws it should be California.  The money alone, spent on arresting and convicting growers and, “black market” dealers is probably a billion dollar venture.  If and when legalized, California could now put this wasted money to much better use.


Recent polls have Massachusetts pro cannabis activists a little wary.  A Western New England University poll taken in April had 57% support for the legalization of cannabis in the state.  According to the MPP Question 4 is under strong opposition by the state’s Governor and House Speaker.  With only 6 dispensaries in the state, the cannabis infrastructure of Massachusetts is going in the correct direction, albeit slowly.  Vote Green Massachusetts!


Arizona has a number of dispensaries in the state, but will that help, come the recreational vote.  The polls say no.  With their neighbor, (Nevada) voting for the same recreational allowance, Arizona lags behind in the overall legalization support that its neighbor possesses.  This will be a close one.  Residents in Arizona will have to drum up some momentum on this upcoming vote.


Question 1 will be on the ballot this November for the citizens of Maine to regulate marijuana like alcohol.  I have to interject, that I believe alcohol and cannabis are NOTHING alike!

A recent Marijuana Policy Project poll had those polled in Maine favoring Question 1, 55%.  Those numbers need to increase for my comfort level.  Just for a little more incentive Maine voters:  The first $30 million dollars in tax revenue collected will go directly to school construction.  Who said marijuana made you less intelligent.  The tax revenue raised actually goes to improving what make you more intelligent.

Vote Green This November!