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The OG Collection, by Weed Be Better Off, includes all of our best-selling items that will stand the test of time.


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Continue to show your support for cannabis legalization! And what better way to do so than with an item from the Weed Be Better Off – Legalize It Collection. 


As more U.S. States move toward cannabis legalization, the closer we get to full legalization on the federal level.

If you live in a state where cannabis is illegal, grab a Weed Be Better Off shirt for your state and show your support! And if you live in a state that’s already legalized cannabis, congrats!

Show people in other states how good it is by sporting your state shirt in 2021!

State Advocacy Adult Crew Neck w California Logo, Military Green w White Logo
State Advocacy Adult Crew Neck w Texas Logo, Indigo Blue w White Logo


End of Year Discounts Available

Not sure what to get? Well put that blunt or vape down for just a sec and check out one of these other favorites as voted on by the Weed Be Better Off community?

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Weed Be Better Off is a lifestyle cannabis brand with a single mission of advocating for the full, federal legalization of cannabis. Why? Because Weed Be Better Off with less government interference and more personal freedoms.

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